Primary courses

This primary course « 1 » is destined to all the child aged of 5 and 6 (born in 2014), and « 2 » pour 2013’s child, aged of 6-7. 

This course consist in the discovery for the child in the danse and the curiosity in basics elements. Gradually, they master these elements and can evolve in courses more complex.

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Affection to a course is based on age because there is no level yet. In the primary courses especially, we do not ask for perfect rigor they must be present at all the courses or justify their absence.

Initiation courses

The initiation course is after the primary course, once the founding elements are acquired. This course proposes to learn gradually the structuring of one’s body in the space and time. It is a question of using the acquired concepts to awaken to succeed in using your body and subsequently being able to dance effectively. This course helps the child to develop himself and his curiosity.

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For us, this course will allows you to gradually enter the world of dance, which allows the following year to be able to practice in the first modern dance class.

The initiation course is the last course with a real age limit. Then it is Ms. Biton who determines according to the levels in which group a student should be placed. This course gives access thereafter to modern courses, the first big step in the artistic field. The presence in progress is also compulsory as soon as you join the association.

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