What is Danse Moderne Créative ?

Dance in Haute-Goulaine is… a dance receptive to other artistic disciplines. It is nourished by several influences which make it possible to make links with the other arts. It is also a relaxed atmosphere where the pleasure of dancing and expressing oneself are there !

It’s a creative dance : The apprentice dancer plays the fundamentals of dance in a fun way : rhythm, energies, taking up space, listening. The objective is to refine the technique by progressively accessing a free and musical dance.

The section also offers a floor bar course – stretching, accessible to all, in order to gain flexibility, work on your gesture and strengthen your back. Danse Moderne Creative was created in 2012 with 5 lessons per week. This year, there are 20 hours of lessons with 220 members from 5 to 75 years old, which take place in the hall of the Croix des Tailles in Haute Goulaine, only during school periods ! 

Here is our team for the year 2019 – 2020 :

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