• Provide flexible clothing : legging and leotards (or close-fitting t-shirt). In addition, also think of clean cotton socks.
  • Likewise, all the dancers must have something to tie their hair (brushes and rubber bands that remain in the bag, hygiene issue). Also think of a bottle of water. 
  • Workshop course : pencil + notebook
  • Bar on the floor : think of your floor mat

* In order to have a minimum impact on families’ budgets, we have the custom of ordering every two years (in even years) for the renewal of leotards. For more information : Only children are free to choose. These outfits serve as the costume base for the end of year gala. They allow us to lighten a little all the tailoring we do for the end-of-year shows. About 160 dancers means 320 costumes). 

Some interesting shops in Nantes: